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(Born February 14, 1993 as Goran Dimic). As a teenager, DAYXIV (pronounced Day 14) used music as an escape. An escape into creating a more vibrant world where all his focus was on manipulating sounds and words, and enhancing his knowledge of music. Growing up with music around the household definitely did not disappoint in adding to his musical explorations. The love of sound started off with listening to Classic Rock, although he is known for creating music in the Rap and Hip Hop genre. After so many years, it’s safe to say a deep appreciation of sound art and musical instruments is embedded in his existence. Following the divorce of his parents and being raised by a single mom, a definite life-impacting event for a 13 year old, and a tough upbringing, was the final push for him using lyrics to express himself… For freeing the words from his creative mind, and sharing them with the world… Infamous for using personal content in his writings, as DAYXIV refers to his music as being “my identity”, the artist shares his creative stories through Hip Hop and RnB.Through the years he’s experienced many ups and downs in music but he is now finally getting the attention that he worked for. He dropped his single “No Sleep” featuring Eric Bellinger earlier in 2018, stepping outside of his comfort zone and giving fans a different side of himself. “No Sleep” propelled DAYXIV’s career and opened new doors and opportunities for him to work with other artists such as ELHAE, Flipp Dinero, Rayven Justice, King Los, Elijah Blake, and more. He recently released his album “Ill Intentions” which he hopes to be the album that takes his career to a new level. 

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No Sleep Streams


Soundcloud: 213,000

Spotify: 240,000

Apple Music: 243,000

Spotify Monthly Streams:38,000

Apple Music Monthly Streams: 30,000

Total 2018 Streams: 2,100,000


Eric Bellinger

Flipp Dinero (Upcoming)


King Los

Elijah Blake

Rayven Justice

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